Monday, December 28, 2009

4 Clint Eastwood Movies

I've recently watched 4 Clint Eastwood movies in the last few weeks:
1- Unforgiven.
3- Magnum Force.
They are from different times and different genres. Besides Clint Eastwood has no role in the last one. He directed and co-produced it. The Iwo Jima movie is one incredible movie. Great story that opens your eyes to the truth about Pacific War, outstanding performances by Japanese actors and great soundtrack. I never knew that Japanese were so cruel on their soldiers during the Second World War in the way that is displayed in the movie.
Unforgiven is Western, Magnum Force is another story about Harry Kalahan a SFPD cop and Gran Torino is about a war veteran. What impresses me the most is the Japanese discipline and attitude in the war that you never see in Americans. That's part of their culture. And that's why they're here in the world. Japan always has been one of the places I wanted to visit although it's the most expensive one. I had a chance once and that was the time The Brave used to live in there but I missed it. Now he's back and I have to rely on my own!
(Photo: This picture shows the Japanese General who was in charge of battle of Iwo Jima at Japanese side played by Ken Watanabe with other Japanese officers)

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