Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still Free

I have been using free Internet Service since I moved to this new place. There was only a short period of time that Telus provided me with the service and then for whatever technical reason the idiots were cut off be me. I didn't get a good reliable service from them and I canceled just after a month.
This wireless service I'm using at the moment has its ups and downs. I make overseas and long distance telephone calls to Canada and the US, download movies and songs, watch Youtube, do my online banking, search for jobs and check my e-mails. But at times I get disconnected and that's frustrating. Now after the last lost opportunity, I'm just trying to survive and cut the corner for that reason. For a few days I was buried on pile of bills. I had to use my saving account to get out from under them. Nevertheless I just had my cable hooked up today. I just couldn't live like that anymore!

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