Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Benjamin Button: A Strange and Lovely Movie

It might not be really important but I got The Curious Case of Benjamin Button from the mac's store we go to regularly and the first disk was scratched and we couldn't watch the movie. The store owner is a nice Panjabi guy and changed the disk for me. What a strange movie!
It was very slow and unattractive for me in the beginning specially with that bad scratched disk experience. Then the more the movie went on the lovelier and at the same time stranger it got. Brat Pitt speaks with strong Southern US accent and that I believe makes his character attractive. The story is very new, strange and attractive. That's the most important element in the entire movie.
Anyway I own the DVD like many other movies and it's a good movie to enjoy. It's a thoughtful movie too. It made me think about my past when he took his father to the pier early morning to see sunrise. The movie talks about forgiveness partially.
(Photo: In this scene of the movie the young-old Benjamin is trying to walk with the pray of a priest or whoever he is in the back while being encouraged by the lady who bring him up, the Black one beside him)

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