Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Charter of Rights and Freedom

The problem with this Canadian people, some of them I mean, is they think they're so special. They actually don't think, they believe they're so important and uniqueBold and whatever they say and want it must be done! The example is bunch of stubborn ski jumper who were dreaming to jump in the upcoming Olympics! They were all rejected! And why? Simply because you're not as good as they think or believe they are! So I. O. C. or whoever is in charge, simply put them away because why would the money which is hard to come get wasted by on bunch of girls who happened to jump and they might fall after that!
That drove the girls mad and they told themselves that they were very very special and there're three reasons for that:
1- They are women!
2- They are Caucasian!
3- They live (born and raised) in Canada!
And because of that specialty that they think they have in themselves, they also think that they are unique too(!!) so they complain to a court to obtain their right to jump. That obviously didn't help. ... Well because the court people are not that stupid after all! Then they took their case to the Supreme Court hoping that resorting to Charter of Rights and Freedom might help them to go to Vancouver and Whistler, put on Olympic uniforms, wave at the people in opening and closing ceremonies, and get other free stuff which might make them happy rather than their daily joys! And the Supreme Court's answer was the same with the addition that just hanging to the Charter does not guarantee you a few weeks free accommodation in B. C. as a Team Canada athlete! You should be as good as Cindy Klassen, Sidney Crosby or at least Jerome Iginla. (No offence to any real athlete)
So work harder may be in year 2164 Canadian women sky jumpers (not ski jumpers!!) have a team in Mars Olympics!
(Photo: The very optimist and hopeful face of a jumper of Canadian origin after hearing the court's rule!!)

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