Sunday, December 20, 2009

Animal Farm

Have you read Animal Farm of George Orwell? They are all amazing. I bought the book last week from a HMV store although I had read it years ago, several times in Persian. Animal Farm is literally the story of every revolution, more specifically Islamic Revolution in Iran. This is a coincidence because one of the key figures and founders of Islamic Republic, H. A. Montazeri was dead today. He became one of the strongest, outspoken critics of the Islamic Republic in the past few years. He was under house arrest for over 5 years for that reason. That's exactly what George Orwell describes in his book: The architect of the revolution becomes the opposition and then either dies or is exiled. It's very brave of someone to confess to his or her mistakes in the past in that culture and he did bravely. He was toppled from his position, the leader-to-be for criticizing the regime. That's also very appreciated and very rare in that culture.
(Photo: Cover of Animal Farm by George Orwell)

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