Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saved a Little Over $300

This whole Capitalism system of the US and Canada is like a big drum. There's nothing in it and is just load. If you dig really deep, you'll realize that many industries here are just founded to serve the kind of the needs that they're not really needs, they're not essential or vital. They just make employment! Everyone survives and lives without them in peace. I kind of wanted to provide you with a long list but give you just a few examples:
1- Insurance companies.
2- Wineries.
3- Professional Sport Clubs. (Gosh! That's a big sub-list itself!)
4- Universities and Colleges. (Most of them!, Not all! Believe me. It's true!)
5- Dance Studios.
6- Tourism related businesses.
7- ...
I can go on and on but there's no point. And then when there a economic recession most of the people who are involved in the businesses are in trouble. Who the hell wants to spend $180 on a ticket to watch an NHL game? You might say there are many but at the same time there might be many who won't, as well. As a matter of fact many NHL teams this years offered Buy 1, Get 1 Free tickets or other promotions like that. TV stations showed empty seats at the arenas.
Insurance companies are really useless. And this motherfuckers in ICBC, fuck you in every hole. These motherfuckers who claim this is a free country and this is a democracy, they brutally force you to buy insurance from them. There's no other alternative in Brit"Shit" Columbia. But in response this week I personally fuck this fucking liar with a baseball bat. I removed all my optional insurances and get more than $1000 back from the pirates of motherfucker ICBC! I, at the same time, had to buy the same type of insurance from another company because the basic insurance Must Be Purchased from fucking assholes, the thieves of ICBC. I paid the other company a some amount of approximately $700 which led to almost $300 saving. I don't know what type of democracy this one is that first of all they force you to have insurance and secondly have insurance with them!! This is ridiculous. So I probably keep the optional for a few months and then will cancel that one as well. if I move out of the province, I'll cancel my insurance with ICBC and will give them a big Screw You, but if I won't I see if I can get my insurance through any other company, out of the province.

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