Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smoking Is A Hobby Of Third World People!!

Smoking is being fought against here in Canada by health groups and authorities. Smoking is banned in most places, public places including banks, restaurants, bars, shops etc. But you still suffer because of the selfish people who smoke inside the residential buildings and outside on the street, at the beach or in the parks.
I remember this time, years ago, I was working for Almase Saz Co. and there was a group of Germans working there as well to help to commission the factory. One time I was going home and instead of taking the usual shuttle bus, I took theirs which I remember clearly was a bit more luxurious. It had air conditioning and comfortable seat and it was cleaner. They were our guests and foreigners after all and they were Germans! Those reason all were enough to treat them differently from the permanent employees of the company(!!)
Anyways we were heading home. I was seating beside the driver and the Germans were all over as well as a few of my colleagues. One of on the last seat took a cigarette out and lit it. As soon as I sensed the smell of fucking cigarette I opened the window. We were in the highway and the shuttle bus was going fast and the wind was blowing to their faces!
One of the Germans said something open the window, opposed then I turned back and in response I said: Smoking is a hobby of Third World people! He apparently didn't understand what I said, asked the other one what it was all about. The other one just made a gesture meaning he either didn't get what I said. One of the colleagues showed his disapproval by asking why I opened the window and I said that I was being disturbed by the smoker. He said: This is their shuttle bus! I don't remember what I said but I didn't argue.
Now I'm here and years have passed. Smoking is no longer, to my view, a Third World people's hobby only. Westerners also smoke! And some of them smoke heavily but it's mostly common in lower level society people, the poor people, the people who try to cope with life so they use tobacco, alcohol and all other sorts of shit. It's also very common in young girls as it helps them to stay slim. But it's so fucking stupid and disgusting to loose something very important (lungs, heart, teeth) to gain something else (slimness!) There's no doubt that helps their budget as well. They buy a pack of cigarette for about $9 I believe and use it with a soft drink or coffee as a meal. Isn't that way cheaper!?
(Photo: The most common " No Smoking " sign)

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