Friday, June 23, 2006

A Joke Called Democracy

Zahra Kazemi, a resident of Quebec was killed in 2003 in Tehran. She was taking photographs of prisoners' families who were demonstrating in front of Evin prison. What has happened to her is not known by anyone yet. Canada accuses employees of Iranian Ministry of Intelligence of murdering her and Iranians say the woman fell down and her head was hit to a hard thing and died! And that was because she was on hunger strike and the sugar level of her blood dropped drastically! I like this story. They're good at making stories like that. I can narrate as many as 20 from the ones I have in my mind from the days I used to live in Iran. But one thing they don't know is not everyone is as dumb as the fucking stupid scums who voted for them and will, in the next election.
I think it doesn't matter how Kazemi died. What matters here is Kazemi was an idiot and she was the one who caused that trouble which led to her death. Everyone around the world and in Iran, obviously, knows that a bunch of murderer, ignorant, predators have been running the country for more than 25 years. So why the fuck don't you fucking think before you do such a stupid thing? Who, on earth, goes to one of the darkest and the most dreadful prisons in the world and starts photography!? The fucking Islamic Republic has shown that they never care who they're dealing with. They kill everybody and they use any way they find. So Kazemi acted like a jerk, stupid, moron and deserved that.
Today after almost three years, Canadian Government asked Germany to arrest Saeed Mortazavi, the Iranian chief prosecutor, who has ties to the arrest and murder of Kazemi, if he stops in a German airport on his way home. The stopover didn't happen, though. But the question is why the hell, the Canadian authorities didn't ask Swiss officials to arrest him?! Mortazavi and another Iranian were in Geneva for a human-right conference.
Same thing happened few years before I leave Iran. I guess it was almost 10 years ago when a few of Iranian officials including the Supreme Leader, were accused of murdering of or ordering to murder Kurdish leaders in Mykonos restaurant in Berlin. A German judge ordered arrest of the said people and I remember there were demonstrations in Tehran, including Ferdowsi St., right in front of the German embassy. But the arrest never happened and Iran and Germany are friends now. I would like to add that I remember placards everywhere comparing Mykonos to Mickey Mouse! I also, one day, went to see what's happening in front of the embassy. I was heading home on a bus and at Ferdowsi St., I got off and, my God! there were a huge crowd. Some of them were former soldiers or volunteers who had been injured by chemical weapons during Iran-Iraq war. They were shouting slogans against Germans and of course the US and reminding them of supplying Iraqis with chemical weapons. A large model of a ground to ground missile has been also put in front of the main door of the embassy and a huge painted photo of a chemically wounded solider has been put there were everybody could see it from meters away. Honestly speaking I kind of liked that rally and I also remember that I was excited. I also wished I have had my camera with me. Because I strongly believe that European countries and the US supplied Iraq during the 8-year devastating war just because they didn't like Iranian government. They didn't care that this is Iranian people who were suffering. They just helped that motherfucker murderer, Saddam, to get rid of Iran and finally they had to remove him, themselves. All I'm saying is what's being said about democracy in western countries and developing democracy in third world countries are all bull crap. Governments just care about their profit. If a country like Iran with such a corrupt government has profits for them, they never do something that really endangers the existence of it. But if there's a government like Saddam's and there's a time that they feel it's turning to a pain in the ass, they wipe it off, immediately. I, later, give you a few more examples of the funny joke called democracy, including the one I once discussed with the friend of mine, Andrew. Oh ... I've lost my contact with him. That's bad. He's too busy with his new woman.
(Photo: This is what happened to three, I guess, leaders of Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mykonos restaurant in Berlin in 1992. Although I'm not sure about the credibility of the photo.I, myself, don't like most of the Kurds because they're separatist like Quebecers here in Canada. Some of them even deny their Iranian roots. But didn't like what Iranian government did to these people, though. I may tell the story after considerable investigations later)

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