Thursday, March 02, 2006

Strange Job Offer

When I checked my voice mail box today noticed that have a new message. There was a guy with a very bad accent introducing himself as Dr. Bani Jamali from a company called Petro-EX Canada in Toronto. He said it's regarding a job in Libya! I've never applied a job from such a company and of course not in Libya! I decided to find who they are because most of the companies involved in oil and gas industry are located in Alberta. I knew from before that many countries find the professionals they need, here in Canada as I faced a few offers earlier but regardless the fact that I can't leave the country, few more things led me to suspect this phone call:

1- Sounds like someone's trying to fool me or make fun of me. That accent is very odd.
2- The website of the company is a very strange one as well. I've never seen such a thing.
3- Why would a Dr. call me for a position? Don't they have a HR department?
4- I checked their career section and there's not an opening matches my resume.
5- Most of the oil and gas companies and related recruiters are located in Alberta, as I mentioned earlier. Why on earth are they there?
6- Even the name of the company is a stupid name!
7- After all I've never applied for the job. How did they find me?!

Anyhow I'm not goin' to call them although I have a bad feeling for not returning someone's phone call. If he calls me again, I'll tell him all I just brought up.

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