Thursday, January 22, 2004

Tin Tin

It was the 75th anniversary of one of my most favorite books in my whole life, Tin Tin, a couple of weeks ago. (I guess it was Jan.06) The first book of Tin Tin was written by Herge, in 1929. I used to own a number of them when I was in elementary and junior. It was a very popular book in those days, esp. before the Revolution. I exactly remember that a copy only cost 200 Rls. for each copy and 200 Rls. was a lot of money on that time, which was 1975 or earlier. I still have one in English: The red sea sharks. I brought it to Canada!! I think I have read each story at least more than 30 times!!
Belgian government decided to launch a silver 10 Eur. coin for this. Thanks Herge. You gave us all lots of fun and amusement.
(Photo: Herge, pseudonym of Georges Remi, the Belgian author and illustrator [1907-1983] published the first Tin Tin adventure in 1929. It was Tin Tin in the land of Soviets, which was a children's supplement to a Belgian daily newspaper)