Thursday, September 05, 2013


I'm try not to jump in to conclusion about Elysium. I think I have to watch movies more than once in order to understand what the message is about. First off let's see what Elysium means. Basically in Greek mythology it is a place of ideal happiness that is promised; in other words, paradise. And in the movie it is name of the space station that the rich have chosen to live in there to escape from disease, pollution, dirt, poverty and so on. The movie has exciting scenes and unpredictable story at the most of the time and that is what makes it attractive. The end is too near in my opinion. When you create a new world, a new environment, you need to give enough time to the audience get gets him/herself familiar with that. Unfortunately it is inevitable in most of the movies, unless the movie has a sequel. For example in Waterworld you explore the world which people believe there is no land and they are searching for a possible one and then when they find it and while you are getting used to the atmosphere, the story is over! In Star Wars this does not happen because you have up to six movies to see and you are completely into the environment. 
There are parts of, scenes in the movies that I think could have had a better story or closer to reality. For example Max was in Spider's compound, I would call it, several times and was about to be shot at a few times but in never happened! In a real gangster world, criminals do not think before they shoot! They barely listen. They react based on what they see and immediately. Max should have been killed a few times for refusing, arguing or other disapproving gestures. Their law is: Shoot first and ask questions later! 
Overall the movie is recommended to be watched at least once. I will probably get the DVD and watch again. Not sure again. Have to see what else is available in the market for the movies that I have watched recently. The message of movie I guess is wealthy countries not helping the poor but as we can see in today's world poor countries are receiving aid from the rich and also their people are being let in. May be this is not enough in the eyes of the director and other people of the movie.
(Photo: Two non-Americans who act in Elysium, the man from South Africa who actually plays really well and a Brazilian woman in the scene when they are looking for Max, played by Matt Demon) 

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