Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Workplace Stories (7): The Chubby Chicken

There was this fucking slow, lazy, bitch, working with us who barely moved her big fat ass or any other part of her nasty buddy but a finger! I did not have to correlate with her, happily but during the course of her sorry tenure I had a few short talks with her, of course all work related. Once I and a colleague asked her to rent a vehicle as we were going to visit somewhere, of course a business trip. The fucking bitch booked something that cost almost $70 more to the company and I had to go at least 4 times longer to get the damn car. 
Every time we had a mail, she would never notify us or bring it to our work station. If you were lucky and passing her desk she might have told you about the letter! She was to a few guys though. I think she had crush on them and was trying to get them. One of them told me that she had bought him Slurpee and stuff like that and the guy has a girlfriend. I'm not sure if she knew but it is very possible. One day we all received this message indicating that she did not work there anymore. The message was from H. R., of course. I never was curious to know what had happened to her. I always thought I was the only one who complained about her but this guy told me what happened: She apparently had done unauthorised purchases because these people have always some amount of the money of the company available to them. One of the purchases apparently was an individual cup brewer machine that she put beside her desk and took a sip of the prepared favourite beverages off and on! I do not think that was the only reason but according to another guy one day she just threw her card at someone and walked off! I knew that she was a farm girl. One of those girl who had horses and other animals in their ranch and they were financially secure. But I guess she wanted to try something different, be independent from the family and see other things. She did not badly need the job. So it was easy for her to pork around and leave whenever wanted. After all she was a Caucasian girl able to get a job anywhere she wanted in a blink of an eye! 

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