Sunday, September 29, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (7): The Scary Drive to Twillingate

It was dark when we reached Gander and we had not eaten. So first we looked for a place to chow on something. F. F. suggested to get some pizza. So we went to the nearby Greco Pizza and ordered a party size vegetarian. It was not bad but it was white flour crust which I hate but F. F. was too tired and hungry to remind me to ask and it was too late and the order had been put. We knew that chances that they have it is very low. We had part of the pizza and we struggled really hard with the damn G. P. S. to take us to Twillingate which was the next stop where we had a room booked. According the the map we had to take NL 330 but the fucking G. P. S. was pushing us to Trans Canada Highway. I realized that we had to go to Gander Bay first so started asking around, maybe two places how to get there but people were giving direction by naming the streets that I had no idea where they were! We wasted a total of half an hour at least that way, if not more. That was including filling up the tank. It was completely dark and a bit cold. I eventually said: Fuck it! I knew we had to take NL 330 so with the help from the map and the damn G. P. S. I pulled ourselves on that road and set the G. P. S. for Gander Bay. According to it we should have reached there in about 15 minutes of less and then I would have set it for Twillingate. So we seemed to be fine. NL 330 was a two way, one lane each side road with absolutely no light and a few vehicles on it especially in that time of the night which I think was around 21:30 or so. After a few minutes the fucking G. P. S. announced that we had arrived at the destination but we both looked and there was absolutely nothing but pure dark. F. F. was a bit panicked and I was surprised and confused but I tried to calm her dawn and just set the G. P. S. this time to Twillingate and simply followed the route. Every few minutes or so a vehicle mostly a big truck would appear in my rear view mirror and passed the first chance it get. It was obvious that they were the locals who knew the road very well. I have no photos of those scary moments but with the help of the roadside signs I went to NL 331 and followed our way to the town. F. F. would advise me of possible hinders and other dangers on the way including watch the side river! We were at times so close to the water that you would think you will fall into the sea if you don't drive carefully.
We eventually reached the town at around 23:25 or so and then I didn't know where to go! The only thing I had was the address of the hotel (which in fact was an inn) and the advise from someone in there whom had told F. F. to turn left when we reached the town! I did that and I realized that I only had the address nit the name of the place! The address said Main Street and I tried to find a street sign with that on it! In that dark and all the few few stores closed, it was something really hard. I eventually found it and then tried to find the street number! It didn't take long that I learnt that we were not very far away! I went inside and saw a note for us with a key beside it. Everyone was asleep. I guess it was almost 23:55 or so. We quietly moved a few stuff in and got ready for sleep. 
(Photo: The damn Magellan G. P. S. We had trouble with it mostly because we just bought it a day before our flight and was not really familiar with it but despite that it's a stupid machine. I got it as refurbished from London Drugs for a reasonable price. I didn't want to spend more than $100 for it. For the next trip to N. L. or somewhere which I have not been to and is kind of remote, I know now that I would have to rely on a combination of map and G. P. S. as well as laptop if I can get a signal where I am lost. This picture is taken on the way back from Twillingate on the way to Highway No. 1)

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