Monday, September 30, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (8): Twillingate

Although we realised that we were in Twillingate at the wrong season but we had a bit of joy by looking at the beautiful rocky beaches and we were lucky that it was sunny all day long. Breakfast was served by the inn we were staying at which was not bad. I really liked the homemade muffins and I guess I had as many as four with my coffee. I will write about the detail of our stay, alongside with other hotels in a separate post called Where Did We Stay, later. 
So we again geared up and headed for the end of the island to see Long point Lighthouse, Crow Head and the small islands. It was a very windy day so we were told by the inn crew that the normal bout tour would not going to take place. The cliffs and  trials of Twillingate are so beautiful but we would have seem much more beauty, if we had been there either in May, June or July. Icebergs could have been seen from the inn's balcony, we were told. Anyways we tried to use the best of it so we covered most of the trial and we hiked all the way to Devil's Cove. All the cliffs, rocks and small islands around us reminded me of the Devil's Island in movie Papillon. The only difference and the big one was that we did not have the sense of isolation that he had. At least not to that extent. Automatically going to small, remote towns like there gives you that sense but you get yourself busy with the new things that you have not seen and you forget it. Staying there for a longer time, I think that would be different. It's all about habits. 
Fortunately we were alone all the time. F. F. even got a chance to spend a few minutes on Wild Blueberry picking and I took as many photos as I wanted. I guess we spent about 3 hours there and F. F. was exhausted and hungry but she did not give it up and accompanied me everywhere! For lunch we had a few slices of yesterday's pizza so we had them on our way back to Highway No. 1 and west of the island for our next destination. Overall Twillingate is a perfect place to be to see Iceberg, I have learnt. The idea is just to be there in the right season and of course had a place booked in advance.
(Photo: On a nice sunny day in Twillingate this is how the Atlantic and the cliffs look like. As I said that would have been much nicer, if it had been decorated by Icebergs!)

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