Friday, September 13, 2013

Flashback (25): Orientals on a Bus

You hear so many different languages spoken in the public place every day in this country. A few of them are so annoying. The sound of it is to the ears resembles a dual saw on a piece of oxidised metal! Or even worse than that. If I wanted to name a few, I would start with the languages which are spoken in China, Mandarin and Cantonese, not sure which one is more disturbing because I have no criteria to distinguish this from that. Generally the Orientals' language are all fucked up and so disturbing: Languages spoken in Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Korea and so on. I do not know why European languages and Spanish which is widely spoken in South America do not sound bad. Arabic just simply causes hatred, disgust and dislike. There so no doubt about. 
So I was on the bus a few years ago and annoyed and exhausted from I don't know what.  There were three fucking Orientals in the last long seat, most likely Chinese, talking and laughing loudly. I put up with them for I don't remember how many stops and I was about to go crazy. The bus was not crowed but everyone else was quiet and seemed not to bothered. I thought I should do something so just about the time that the bus was going to pull over for my stop I stormed toward them cursing and yelling, ordering them to shut the fuck up. They all simply went quiet and said nothing. Obviously were not able to speak English to the level be able to response back. I knew many of the new buses, oven few of the old ones had been equipped with camera so if something stupid happens to the driver or passengers, there is a record of it but I just couldn't help it. I guess the driver gave me a look from his or her rear-view mirror and said nothing. I got off shortly after that. 
Today I think I should not have done that. There were three simple Chinese guys who had been lucky to get out and step on Canadian soil. Their fun was taking the bus to an apartment and possibly drink and talk for the night. Their only sin was that they had started their party early on the bus and were a bit loud. 

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