Friday, September 27, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (6): Terra Nova National Park

We stopped at Terra Nova National Park on our way to the north side of the island but because of the distance and construction on Highway No. 1 we were late. The office was open only because there was a cruise from Greenland there! I thought to myself: It would be amazing to be on a ship from Europe to here. So tried to use the best of it and took the closest trial and hiked for a bit. I just about 1 hour we were there we saw beautiful nature of the park as well of a few kind of birds, the first one similar to Pheasant, from that family of course and another one, a wading bird, from Sandpiper family and the other one was a diving bird circling above water, looking down and diving to catch its food which most likely was a small fish. I'm not sure if I can call it a diving bird though because it comes out quickly while a diving bird goes deeper maybe. Not quite sure! 
It was getting late and dark and we had to go to our next destination that we had a hotel room booked so we headed north for Gander which would be our stop for dinner. Terra Nova is beautiful like most of the parks in N. L. and Canada and it was different for us because of the cruise ship and the birds we saw but I can not say if it is better than the other parks that we had seen or we would see. Apparently it is a very big park and it might have other things to see and do but one thing I am sure of it is that it has no mountain which makes it less appealing to me but I insist what we saw was really beautiful. In addition to that they have a tank full of Starfish and other sea creatures which worth seeing so definitely Terra Nova is a place to be.
(Photo: A type of sandpiper looking for portions of its dinner on the banks of Terra Nova Park's pond located in northeastern Newfoundland) 

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