Thursday, September 12, 2013

Messed Up a Bad Interview

I've had recently an interview which I should not probably taken it easy in this situation and I did. I think that I messed it up. This one as well was with a major Client company and their building was as clean and nice as the previous one, if not more. There were these two fellas in their mid thirties I would say and someone else joined us a bit later, in the same age. 
I very soon realised that I not going to get this but sat to the last moment. There was this one who mostly was just sitting still and gazing at me. I thought he was just watching me and my reactions. He barely asked any questions and did not even present a card. I cannot tell what he was doing. They asked a bunch of unrelated questions that I did not have good answers for. As well asked a few questions that I was not prepared for! In the meantime the questions that I had myself prepared for were not asked! So the overall result was bad. When I looked at one of the guy's card later, I realised that he was educated in an unrelated field, a non-technical subject which gives him no ability to take any role but administration in a company like that. I'm not surprised because I know many people and also in the old country that they just their jobs through network. This guy must have a close friend or relative in the company or somewhere in top provincial or municipal authorities to get a job like this. Otherwise I would not even give him a broom to sweep the floor! 

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