Saturday, September 14, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (1): The Only Foreigners

The first day of the trip which is about to end, because I'm going to the bed soon, was a complete waste and the only thing we accomplish was getting here! We were so tired as a result of steepness that I fell sleep in the afternoon. I guess flying all the night not only has the affect of losing sleep but the time difference or jet-lag causes a huge problem. There is a 3.5 hours difference between Mountain Time and N. L. Time and that itself is a big issue.
We had a good start in Calgary Airport by easily finding an economy parking but changing 3 flights to St. John's and then getting a damn heavy useless Edge make thing sour. We found the hotel easily using out newly purchased G. P. S. but then the damn S. U. V. has lots of complicated features which someone like me who always has driven basic vehicles is an issue. The hotel is only OK, a 3 or maybe a 2.5 star but I will write about Capital Hotel after I stay all the booked nights. The driving system seems a bit different here. In addition to that there are not many foreigners here. When we were in Halifax Airport we were the only non-Caucasian passengers and I believe there was only an Indian worker in there. When we landed in St. John's Airport we were the only non-Caucasian among all the passengers and airport staff and everyone was looking at us like what there creatures are! Then we went to a local mall, not that we wanted to do a major shopping, because the mall compare to the ones we had seen is considered an average one and everyone was looking at us like we are aliens from Mars. All the employees that we have seen so far in the fast food, other businesses, hotels and even Wal-Mart are 99.99% Caucasian while in Alberta and British Columbia you see mostly Filipino, Punjabi, Chinese and other Asian people as well of Africans. It's not very late here but I better go get some sleep!
(Photo: The Ford S. U. V. Edge we rented. This was taken shortly before we reach Placentia after passing the junction where the other road goes to Nova Scotia ferry)

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