Thursday, September 26, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (5): Cape Saint Mary's Reserve Park

Being in Placentia gives you the opportunity to check out a few places including:
1- You can get on the ferry and go to Nova Scotia.
2- You can go to Avalon Wilderness Reserve, and
3- You can have an Ocean View drive and go all the way to Cape Saint Mary's Reserve Park.
We chose the last one as it had been planned. 
The drive so long and the road is so quiet but you drive through small communities and you wonder what people are doing there and how they manage their life because it truly looks like the end of the world! After more than an hour drive which felt much longer to us we reached our destination which looked like it was the end of the world actually: An area of high rocks and cliffs which only consists of  a lighthouse and a Parks Canada office with a tiny gift shop. There were only a few people around and obviously all from Newfoudnland. The park guide gave us a bit of explanation and guidance and told us that they would be gone by the time we were back. This place is again another Parks Canada places which there is no admission fee for it but I wanted to buy something from its gift shop as they have nice craft but F. F. was angry as a result of hunger and sleepless so I forgot about it.
Basically this reserve park is combined of a few trials close to the edges of very dangerous high cliffs which are covered with seabirds. It's a very beautiful place and windy. I don't know how far you can go but you look at distance and you see the same coast for kilometers away. I just went until the trails were marked. I would have gone further for sure if I had been only by myself. The weather was a mix of sun and cloud and of course like most of the places in Newfondland you enjoy a whole lot more if it's a pure sunny day. Cape Saint Mary's was probably the only place we went that we would have seen the same if we had been there earlier in the year. I only regret that I could not spend much longer time over there and experience more but trips the way I like them could be done only alone!
(Photo: The marked trial takes you to the edge of the dangerous cliffs where hundreds of Gannets are sitting or flying around) 

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