Tuesday, September 24, 2013

N. L. Road Trip (3): Cape Spear

I always wanted to see what's left from the Second World War. When I was in Cologne I didn't get a chance to see any but in Copenhagen I briefly saw the air raid shelter. Then after knowing that many bunkers have just emerge in the west coast of Denmark I planned to go and see them. It has not happened yet but a few weeks ago I contacted the Danish Embassy after reading an article about demolishing the bunkers and they confirmed that. They will probably leave a few. The whole process will cost millions of dollars but they will do that for the safety of the people, they say. One of the Misch's arguments was to leave these building untouched because they are part of the history and he was right. 
So when we went to Cape Spear we did not know we were going to one of the defense sites of Canada during the Second World War. Cape Spear is the most eastern part of Canada and for that reason the country had equipment and troop in there. What is left today after 68 years is two barrels of gigantic cannons and the ruins of the soldiers base. Canadian Heritage could have kept everything in an acceptable situation but they haven't. The windows are broken and the doors are full of rust. They still can rebuild everything and rebuild the whole place but doesn't seem that they want to. After all it's a remote place and maybe not many people visit. 
Anyways when we reached the entire area was covered with fog but we decided to have a walk. The tourist information center was open and the young girl told me that there was no admission fee because I guess the lighthouse was close. I still think if there is a charge for visiting this place the revenue could be used to keep the place maintained and improve it often. While walking on the trials and beach we realized that there was a horn going off every few seconds. First we thought it was a ship approaching but then when we walked around we realized that it was Fog Horn. Apparently Fog Horn goes off on very foggy days to help small bouts and ships which do not have advanced navigation equipment prevent accidents. The rain then started and it was almost impossible to stay so we went back to the vehicle and drove the foggy road back to St. John's! 
Overall Cape Spears is a great place to visit. I only wish the Government would do something to preserve the place and that can be started by applying admission fee to the place. It does not necessarily have to be a lot. A small affordable amount would help. 
(Photo: one of the two barrels left from WWII days. As it can be seen the other major parts are gone. The fog is so thick that the ocean can not be seen) 

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