Sunday, November 03, 2013

A Bad Sign

A couple of weeks ago we were going to the apartment and a pile of stuff caught our attention. I had a look, ignored it then and went in. Same thing happened the day after that and then eventually after 3 days, F. F. got curious as what it meant. Looking closely you could find different things in the stuff: Books, a pair of boots, a snowboard, other stuff in bags. It was clear to me that someone had been kicked out as a result of a break-up! I told F. F. what I had though it was and I guess I was right. I don't know the couple but had seen a young Caucasian girl going and coming to that unit a few times. She actually was the second resident of the unit. The previous one I guess was kicked out because of late rents. I guess they even didn't pay for a month or two. One days after that we saw a few more being piled up and just in a week everything was gone meaning the relationship was officially over. But was the girl a bad breaker upper as Elaine explains in Seinfeld, I'm not sure. We never heard any noise. It was a bad sign when I saw it and I immediately knew what it meant.
(Note: A photo of the stuff is available but I'm not looking for a trouble with the neighbours. So we forget about that!)

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