Saturday, November 02, 2013

Workplace Stories (8): Newlywed, Nearly Dead(!)

There's this guy at work whom we bother a lot but just for fun only and he doesn't mind it. He comes to us to have a little chat usually at the end of the working day and we fill him with horrible stories about the situation of the company and how everyone might lose his job soon, which in a way is true! He and everyone else has been waiting for the annual raise as well as the year end bonus. It is too late to get the first one because we have passed two paydays without having it happened but people are still optimist. But really what else is available to hang on to! Just an empty hope, I would call it! 
The guy has gotten married recently and is nervous. He changes his shirt every day and tries to look neat and professional because well his wife is looking at him as a successful role model have achieved almost everything in Canada! The other day I asked him whether people of his faith ever pray. And his answer was they would every morning, if they are very religious. I told him he'd better start praying! He said he would pray to become a millionaire! I said, in reply, he'd better start praying that he will have a job in two month or more! I added: This guy (pointing at my body who is originally from the same country as he is) has saved enough money that he would be able to stay unemployed for a very long time. Besides he is well qualified and would be able to get a job in two months, max.! I have my ticket and I will jump on the plane and will go back home. What are you going to do?! You're newly wed! And my buddy added: Newlywed, nearly dead! And we burst into laughter, both of us. He was holding his head between his hands and bowed it! It was hilarious. He's a very simple and impressionable guy who believes almost everything he hears. I have had convinced many other in the company but I'm well known now. Although I'm still able to sell my bullshit but it's hard to happen! But this guy, as soon as he hears something, he listens with wide open mouth and eyes! Regardless of his innocence that you can easily see in him after spending a little time, there is also this silliness in him which make him immature and amateur! We were heading back to the office once about 7 or 8 months ago, I guess 3 or 4 of us, we were on Elbow Dr. where those huge mansions are located. He goes: I will buy one of these one day! He in a sense is a bit similar to Ali G. The difference is Ali G. found his way through and now works for one of the biggest municipalities of Canada with most likely a very good salary. He had dreams like that but it's more likely that he can get something close to these dream! 
(Photo: One of the streets in Elbow Dr. neighbourhood. I took this photo last May)

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