Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Here but I'm Gone

How did I get so far gone?
Where do I belong?
And where in the world did I ever go wrong?

If I took the time to replace
What my mind erased
I still feel as if I'm here but I'm gone

The few above lines are selected from a very beautiful song of Eric Clapton called Here but I'm Gone. I'm not sure but it could be me singing the song about my life! I don't know who has written it but should not be hard to find for the interested people.
(Photo: Clapton is recognized as the third in the 100 best guitar players of all time by Rolling Stone after Jimmy Hendrix and before Jimmy Page. He plays the song I originally found along with Jeff Beck. I don't know the 4th person and I have no idea how the ranking works but they are all fantastic and I enjoy listening to them)

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