Monday, November 25, 2013

Flashback (26): The Pretender

I worked with this guy back to B. C. time for a short time. He seemed nice and simple but slow. He very soon became my fan and used to bug (you read call!) me almost every night. He tried to prove himself to me a religious and restricted man. I don't know why. At the same time when he was spending time with another buddy/colleagues of us, more specifically a former San Francisco Police, as he claimed, would insist to accompany him to a strip bar! A fucking stupid two-faced coward like many who come from that specific part of the word. R. K. is another example who I have lost connection with for a very long time now and will never see him, I'm sure. A married man with two kids from a religious family with religion symbols hanging in his living room and talking about building mosques and quoting religious leaders in his e-mails, slept with a girl once, that I know, and regularly searched for women on the net! Even introduced a website to me years ago! This one unlike the pretender didn't even hide his dual life from me but for sure did it from his wife, kids and possibly a few of the friends. 
So now at times I remember the time I spent with this guy. He ended up working for Air Canada as a loader once, I guess but then gave it up and was engaged in other activities. I guess he was receiving support from his father because I once met him in a fucking nasty office which he was sharing with a Punjabi guy in Surrey, where he lived. He said that he was doing accounting and booking stuff. You can imagine what kind of people were his customers! Nevertheless he was fine. Last time I saw him he was probably 30 pounds heavier which proved he was doing fine. he might have been married with kids by now!

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