Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Induction Ceremony

I had been invited to the Induction Ceremony of the Association of the Professional Engineers so we went last night. We were there around 18:05, I think and after registration we got a drink and sat. They gave us a booklet with the name, position and education of all the inductees. It was interesting to know who does what or what education he or she has. There were people from known companies such as Shell and AMEC while there were other ones form unknown companies. Everybody was given a Lapel Pin and a Statement of Oath. I had been expecting to get a very nicely designed pin, not that I wanted to wear it everywhere and everyday but I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. After everyone was called to the podium and photos were taken we all rose and read through the oath. 
Then there was a old lady who gave a little speech and it was about significant work that some professionals, in any career, might perform. Then we went for buffet. The invitation indicated a light buffet but it was a full meal: Chicken, Roast Beef, salads, everything. F. F. was hungry so she got happy. So was my buddy whom I found in the middle of the ceremony and joined us. I was not that much hungry but enjoyed the food. We sat for a while and communicated with other fellas before we left. I also happened to see one of the guys who used to work for our company. A very quiet guy with a terrible English but a nice gentleman who had worked hard to get to this stage. He works now for an authority. He seemed happy. Overall it was a good night. I guess we left sometimes around 20:30 or so.
(Photo: This is the pin given to everyone who is either registered as a professional Engineer or Geo-scientist. In my opinion they could easily make this pin much nicer to look by simply adding to its length and using a better font, maybe. I don't think that is something that anyone would want to wear not only because now there are too many people who have this title also because it's not something special in appearance. I thank the Association for this and the entire ceremony, especially the drink and food, though! Maybe I let them know as a suggestion)

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