Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dark Side of the Moon: 40th Anniversary (1973-2013)

We are about to finish year 2013 but I almost forgot about one of the most magnificent albums of the all time: Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd. The British band released that in March of 1973 and in addition to be one of the most commercially successful albums in the history of music, it was in top selling albums lists for years. 
I bought it hear, I guess in 2003 but don't remember where, possibly from one of the stores in Downtown. I had a tape cassette, an original, in the old country which I can not recall how I obtained it because it has been years ago but I remember I used to listen to Brain Damage almost every day. This album, like other works of Pink Floyd, has barely anything close to it. I ordered their Live in Pompeii DVD back in 2005 and I still enjoy that especially the songs Echos and Echos Part II
It is amazing that the music that this band created 40 years ago hardly comes by these years.
(Photo: Pink Floyd members from left: Rick Right (deceased), Roger Waters, Nick Mason and David Gilmour. The other founding member, Syd Barrett is not seen in the photo as he had left or had been asked to leave the band at the time) 

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