Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Warning for Co-op Shoppers

I've already written about The Company of Over-rated Pirates and how unreasonable most of their goods are. I try to stay as far as possible but at times we have to go there because it is close. 
A few days ago we went for a little shopping. We wanted chicken and I used to get a whole chicken and cut them up but F. F. suggested to have chicken pieces such as drums, thighs, breasts, etc because that becomes almost the same price and you do not have that much cutting and cleaning. So we got a pack of legs which seemed OK. All I though I would have to do was taking the skins off, wash them and pack them. 
The package comes in two rows. When I remove the first one, I realised that they had packed the lower layer in a way that lots of fat and skin is actually hiding beneath the meat. In this way these fucking cheaters scam you for up to 100 g of shit or maybe a bit more on every pack you buy. If I had seen the garbage on the above row, I would have made a decision either to buy or skip because I could see how honestly they had been packed because many people have no issue with skin and fat of chicken but in this sway the only thing comes to my mind is scamming the customers. I may have to check with the manager to see whether that's his idea of the meat department guy did that just simply because he or she was so fucking lazy to cut the big pieces of fat off. 
(Photo: You can clearly see the worst part of a chicken here in this photo that has been left by the meat guy. There is nothing but skin and pure disgusting animal fat in this section. Not to mention the skin and other parts which cannot be seen in this photo)

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