Saturday, November 09, 2013

Workplace Stories (9): The Cheapskate

With people coming and going to this shithole that I have had to call my workplace in past 2 years and a half, once we had this guy of South Asian origin who joined us and started to work. He was a nice and OK guy but seemed not fit. I realized that he was a kind of the guy who wanted to do what he liked to do not what he had to do. I didn't know much about him at the beginning because was not working with or for him but then I realized that he was quite qualified and experienced, may be just not as much as he thought he was. The thing that I learnt about him later and changed my opinion about him was that he was a fucking cheapskate like majority of South Asian. Do not accuse me of being racists or doing stereotyping because it is true. 
He had obtained a few different certificates in his line of work, years ago and never renewed them after! The guy earns probably more than, I don't know, but at least $150,000 annually but intends not to pay, for example, $80 to renew his certificate! What a fucking cheapskate, in my opinion. When I told him that I had paid around $800 for an ASQ CQE Premier, his eyes were about to pop out! These fucking animals do everything to gain money but when it comes to spend a little, it feels to them that they are going to give parts of their body! 
Another time I asked him a few questions about a certain topic. Instead of introducing useful material to me, he directed me to a shity British website which provides some information on the topic for free but the terminology they use is completely different from the North American's so it's very confusing and not informative and instructional at all! 
regardless of all the above he gave me a Bridge Cam Gauge for free and to this date I have not understood why he ever did that. I am aware that he had received it for free but still someone like him would not have given it away as easy as that!
(Photo: A Bridge Cam Gauge made by G. A. L. company in the US. For the information of those who might not know this gauge or gage as is written on it and both are correct, is used to do welding inspections and mine, the one that the Cheapskate gave to me, is not this brand. Hope G. A. L. does not mind me using their patented tool's photo)

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