Thursday, November 14, 2013

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

We bought this little machine quite a while ago with the hope that we can make our ice cream and frozen yogurt at home to stay away with full of sugar and additive ice creams, I would say mostly, in the market. 
Regardless of the two times that I made Chocolate Ice Cream and F. F. didn't like it, the machine was just sitting in the storage room and occupying space. 
F. F. decided top to take it out a few days ago to make some Frozen Yogurt for us. I guess she referred to some eyepiece clips from Youtube instead of going to the manual! The result was good. We had Raspberry Frozen Yogurt which had been sweetened using a little Brown Sugar and garnished with Raspberries and Blackberries. She made another package later, this time using Bananas but the result was not as significant as the previous one. 
(Photo: The Raspberry Frozen Yogurt was awesome. I forgot to say that a little bit of Vanilla Extract, maybe half of a tea spoon is also required  We also added some walnut peieces which made it even better)

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