Saturday, November 16, 2013

Heart Mountain (Not Finished)

It was very cold this morning and wind was blowing. I wanted to have a hike regardless of that so left the City around 11:10 or so. I needed to pay some gasoline so pull over to an Esso station. By mistake put my card in a Diesel pump and realized that in the last minute! Eventually got $20 and headed west on No.1 toward Canmore. My intention was to hike Heat Mountain across from Lac Des Arcs which seems to be a fairly easy scramble but maybe not in snowy weather. I was able to find the trial head this time easily and start ascending but time was my enemy! I had to be back to the City to pick up F. F. so starting at almost a quarter to 1 was a very bad idea. I went up and the weather was not as bad as they were talking about it on the radio. There was no footprint so I just hiked up toward the top which could be barely seen in the foggy surroundings. According to the information the trial is supposed to be made of lose rocks, or in other word scree. I didn't experience much after hour and 45 minutes hike. I then decided to descend because I for sure didn't want to be late. It was a very light exercise but now at least I know where to start my next scramble. I will have 4 challenges which I'm hoping to finish them by the end of the year. Heart Mountain is one as well as the one I missed last Sun., the one I spent more than 5 hours on and didn't finish and another one which when the time comes up, I will write about it. 
(Photo: Heart Mountain as seen from the south side of Highway No. 1. The trial starts just a few meters from where I took this photo. I only went up half of the way)

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