Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Stray Dog

Stray Dog is the name of a Japanese movie directed by Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998). I've been always a fan of Kurosawa movies not just because they used to be shown on one of the two channels of IRIB when I was in primary and junior high. I even was looking for them when I migrated and was successful to obtained a few but this post is not about this movie or any of the Kurosawa movie for that matter. Stray Dog is the nickname I've given to this goofball at workplace! This guy is in his mid-fifties or at least that's how he looks. Wears out-dated cloths and sometimes smells really bad. I'm not being mean or have no intention to downgrade him. These are just facts. Should I say or not, he's from former Yugoslavia but I don't no where exactly. Must be from a small town or a village because that's how he acts. I list a few of his great features here and how I got to call him the Stray Dog!  

1- I have seen him around downtown area on Fri. a few times when the office is closed.He simply wanders around. His hang out is a Starbucks and once I saw him with an old man, a little bit older than him. I met with him in that cafe once and talked. He is into politics and history but looks like drifted!

2- He's single. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He goes back to the motherland every Christmas and stays up to 3 months at time. We were expecting him one day he comes back holding the lucky bride's(!) hand but it hasn't happened. One might think who wants to marry an old stinking fruitcake? Believe me there are women who would do that just to come to Canada. I'm surprised that hasn't happened with him yet. 

3- One Christmas I talked to a few colleagues and I suggested to buy a cleaning pack as a present and leave on his desk! You know those packs that there's a shampoo, soap, body lotion, etc and comes in a reasonable price in stores such as Shopper's and Nasty(Wal)-Mart. People laughed and smiled, some but nobody chipped in so I dropped it!

4- This freaking fool has been living in this country who knows for how long but still does not have a Driver's Licence! Can you believe this? I know some people might not be comfortable driving but come on! Once we had to go to Edmonton for some visit from the company and I had to drive the whole 600 km because this asshole does not drive! 

5- When I was preparing to write my NPPE, he approached me once and told me that he also would want to write the examination. He added that he was studying his Master's when the war broke out and he had to leave! I told him it would be very easy to get his Master's here in Canada. All he has to do, I said, would be bringing the courses he has passed from the old country to see and have the university observe that and then take the balance. The idiot looked at me with a sort of disbelief in his eyes and brought different excuses. I know to this date he has not accomplished either of them! 

6- He would not last in any company and in fact he would not even gotten in any company if it was not because the countrymen on higher levels. I guess he's stay there as long as there's a job and will most likely retire there, like many others.
(Photo: I wanted to use a photo of a scene of Stray Dog but then I thought " The post is not about the movie " So decided to use this photo which I took in Holiday Inn in Chinle, AZ. I was walking back to the room from my car where I saw this animal roaming around. I thought it was a Fox or Coyote first but I realized it was a Native's dog. They let their dog out and have no control over it. It also does not seem that there is any bylaw in that regards to animals in the reserves)

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