Saturday, September 05, 2015

A Walk in Ghost Lake Area

After two weeks being away from hiking, today I decided to give a new area a try, somewhere I had not been to before: Ghost Lake area! My buddy from work said during the week that he wanted to tag along so I used this opportunity and take her to Ghost Lake just to be able to discover the area for my future hike! This actually came to my attention a few weeks ago when I encountered a post about Devil's Head, a mountain which has a Native Albertan name and then two weeks ago on my way back from The Wedge I had to drove by Ghost Lake so everything was ready to make this preliminary trip to the area happen.
We started early under heavy rain and a 5 Degrees C sky and drove to Cochrane and from there got ourselves to Highway # 40 and drove to west almost parallel to Bow Valley Trail, at least for a while. I have a good map and then when we got to Richards Road, I found an information kiosk, according to the map and found another map which came handy! From there you need to get to TransAlta Road which is obviously a service road similar to what we saw in Plateau Mountain. This road a packed gravel which takes you to Ghost River. Having this idiot with me, who was so concerned about his fucking vehicle, which actually was a good 4x4, I realized that he didn't want to drive all the way to the river so suggested to park anywhere he wanted. We parked and walked for almost 1 hour to the river. The vehicle is even OK for a sedan which I consider for my next trip. 
We saw this modified jeep abandoned in the area. The plate was expired in April this year. There was nobody around on our way to west of the area and back up to TransAlta Road. Looked perfectly drivable
Anyway it was a mix of rain and snow all the way to the river and after that and fog was down on the entire area. I'm sure it's a beautiful area when it's visited in a clear sunny day.We took a few photos and this fool wanted to go back home so we turned back after only 2 hours of walk and took the same path. On the way back we had a slope, the same that we had gone down earlier and this moron feels tired and hungry after walking up that! He asks me whether I had any chocolate bar and although I had half a bag of small Hershey mini-bars I told him I had eaten them all up on my way to the rendezvous point in the morning before I reached him! Then I handed him the fucking banana he had given me earlier and  had insisted me to eat. He ate half or it and gave me the other half. I had no problem eating that! All whole trip took 03:45 hour with at least 03:15 hour of that being a good walk. I will definitely go back for photography and also going towards Devil's Head and other mountains in the area. Just have to wait for a clear-sky day.
(Photo, top: Ghost River with some amazing rocks in the back. That's as good as my small camera could take)

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