Sunday, September 06, 2015

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware

We bought this wonderful Cuisinart cookware from Canadian Tire almost a year ago. I guess they are Stainless Steel. They must be and they are simply wonderful. They transfer the heat from stove top to the inside so well that you can cook anything with the least amount of electricity consumed. Of course you need to be patient a little bit first but when it is warmed up, it is wonderful. 
I've made everything them: From Fried Egg to Broiled Chicken, Pasta of different kind, you name it. It's just wonderful, I must repeat. The mistake some people make is they turn the heat all the way up and the food burns and sticks and they think the product is faulty. One of The Lady's friend's had this misunderstanding and they got rid of the pot or whatever it was they had purchased. Ours is a full set of 3 pots in three sizes, a frying pan and a sort of sieve. I think Cuisinart better to come up with some sort of instruction for this kind of cookware because most of the people are not accustomed to them but maybe they have something in the box. Or maybe people, most of them, already know about that. Not many people cook here so I really don't know who might buy something like that! There was this guy whom I used to work with, He was a young fella, around 30 or something and he lived with his girlfriend. He told me once that they had purchased a Pressure Cooker and they were trying to find out how to use it! Good for you! 
(Photo: Although not exactly the same but we purchased a similar set of Cuisinart cookware and I love them!)

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