Saturday, September 12, 2015

Where Were You in 11-Sep-2001?

It was the 14th anniversary of the so-called attacks on American soil yesterday. No action at work or the city. It was just briefly referred to on TV. I'm not going to express my personal opinion here because I don't know who's reading this (not many I'm sure) and although I'm a troublemaker, this would not be a battle that I could win! So I only limit myself to where I was on that day:
I worked at this disgusting company at the time, SAIPA, a true waste of time. The money and benefit was OK though, particularly remember the food allowance that we had, something which is not common in North America. I think many didn't have to spend much on grocery. But overall it was disgusting: Distrusting work, disgusting boss, disgusting environment but those were my last years in the old country. I don't remember how I became aware of the incident but it could have been through newspaper because they were very popular at the time. 
We didn't talk much about it and then I decided to give my aunt a call and now after 14 years I can't recall whether it was the same day or a few days after because I called to see how her daughter, my 
cousin was doing who lives and lived at the time in New York City
I remember this part clearly that I had an Alcatel mobile phone handset, a French brand which actually was a very good one and those days cellphones were still not very popular and available to everyone like know that every Tom, Dick and Harry got one even he earns $10.50 an hour! 
Our office, Quality Assurance Department, was located on the last level of a building with no elevator and I guess it was on the 4th or 5th floor. All around the level there was a narrow type of balcony that I don't know to this day why it has been built. It never was used but I used to go there to make telephone calls because that was the only spot that people didn't hear me. 
So I went to the so-called balcony and dialed my aunt's number and she picked up. I asked her about her daughter and she said that she was fine but of course very upset over what had happened top their city. That could have been true because she is someone who has been living there for, 30 years, I guess, give or take and has a reputable business. So she was upset. 
When I went back to the room I was told by my colleagues that the boss had come and checked on the people and expressed his displeasure over a few things he had seen! Good that he didn't see me talking on the phone during his routine check! 
I only spent there a few more weeks and then headed to Canada in late November. On my way to the country, and because the situation was still critical I was encountered by German police in Frankfurt International Airport which I have told its story in a separate post. But that was it. The day which changed everything in the world was marked for me the way I described. Where were you in 11-Sep-2001?
(Photo: This picture which has been seen millions of times by almost everyone who has access to TV, newspaper or Internet is claimed to be proof, by some and I'm only quoting, that the attacks was an inside job because it can be seen here that the towers are being detonated but I don't know!)

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