Saturday, September 26, 2015

Black Mass

I have been waiting to see what this new movie of Depp is, especially because it is based on the life of a still live American criminal who is doing time, Jimmy Bulger. We watched it last Tue. I have never been very impressed by Depp like many others who as soon as see he's in a movie, they have to see it. In fact I haven't seen any movie of Depp but Edward Scissorhand but I have to say that he performs strongly in this movie. It is the story of a criminal in Boston who becomes the FBI's informant and by doing that not only helps the agents who has become his counterpart to be promoted but also gets rid of his competitor. The movie is not another Goodfellas. I guess no movie can reach that level of success but is good. I don't know anything about the director and have never heard of the other actors and actresses but their performance is OK. The only one who I didn't like the way she acted was the girl who portraits Bulger's girlfriend. 
I think they could have extended the movie to three hours by showing how he was arrested and maybe other parts or more details of his life but they limited that to two hours. I liked the movie and I might buy the DVD too. I would highly recommend that.
(Photo: Depp as Bulger talks to the FBI agent who he becomes his informant. He would be charged at the end of the story and sentenced to 40 years in prison. The rest of the story could be known by watching the movie!)

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