Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Old Story of Refugees

Many has possibly heard this repeated story of refugees flowing to Europe in the past few days. I heard that by accident a few days ago because it was all over the media. I would not have heard that, had it not been given so much attention by the local newspapers and channels because it has been a long time since I don't listen to or read much of the news. Why is this so big this time I don't want to know and I don't care. It's just the same problem that the West has been dealing with for the past 25 to 30 years or longer, just because the media is vaster, it is seen bigger. When there was a war between Iran and Iraq or in Afghanistan in early 80's not much of what was happening were known by people because there was not this vast network of worldwide web, mobile phones, frequent travels between the countries and so on. Many facts that I came to understanding about Iran-Iraq War for example or the Soviets in Afghanistan (I wouldn't call it an invasion) was known to me after I came to Canada and Internet became so popular and accessible.
With that in mind this new problem of refugees whom seem to be from Syria, as far as I know, has been given so much attention in the past week or so. The fact is the majority of them are simply people who tend not to make any movement but crossing to the borders for a better countries to make their life better! The majority of them thinking of going to rich (or not so rich) Western countries for the hope of continuous welfare cheques and free accommodations. Germany, I know that for a fact, is very good at providing those in the past 30 years or so. So does Canada perhaps not to the same extent!
I don't have much information as why Germany became an asylum for refugees unless what I can analyse and that's Germans wanting a good reputation for their country after what happened in WWII. All what I learnt about Germany's system of dealing with foreigners were known to me after I visited my friend, an old friend, whom is not a friend any more, he cut his communications with me after I visited him. Perhaps I should refer you to his story first and then tell you things he has told me.
These are a few facts that are proven about refugee status of people in rich countries:

1- People make up all sorts of stories to just get there. There was this guy whom I met back in the days I worked in Cargill Foods and I got punched by him in the stomach because he was going coco at the time(!), something that he apologized for later, he told me that he had gone to Thailand and was put in jail by the country authorities under very bad conditions and then went to UNHCR and sought asylum claiming that he had been practicing Christianity in fear for years and now he wants to go to one of the Western countries. They sent him to Canada and there he was! I guess they promoted him to an Instructor position or something a little batter than laborour after a few years of working, he bought a condominium and lived a life he had never dreamed of! Once I told him that I was going back to the old country and asked him if there was anything he wanted me to do for him. He said that he wanted me to take some medicine for his dad. That was our last conversation as I quit that job and never saw him again! I never forgot what he had done to me and although he apologized, I was looking for an opportunity to retaliate. I guess that was as far as I could go!

2- Hojam is another piece of shit who abused the system and took off. His story has been told here but there are definitely hidden parts that I don't know. For example how he stole all the money and left. I know the system is lame but still. I don't know if I mentioned that in his story or not but last time I exchanged messages with him, before it got ugly because he robbed me for almost $600, he said that he would most likely never come back to Canada! I would have probably done that if I had not paid taxes and borrowed money from banks and had not repaid them!

3- Germany has probably the most-abused refugee system. That's why all these Syrian so-called refugees are heading that way! They now what is waiting for them! There are people in Germany now who went there and claimed their life had been in danger and then snuck back to their homeland through a third country. They have apartments there which is rented out and have initially financed by the money that German taxpayers paid! They pay mortgage and by the year they are retired they have enough cash and a nice apartment to live in! If you lose your job in Germany, you receive employment insurance form the government until the day you're able to get another job and if there's

4- When refugees go to rich countries and see all the luxury, the houses some live in, the cars they drive and the cloths they wear, They resort to everything to make money. That's where the problem starts. I'm not saying that they are all potentially criminals but money tempts everyone. Hojam is one of them who evaded tax, stole money from a bank and took off. Many refugees are into cash work of different sort. Stories of them requires a book not a blog!
(Photo: A person shows a manual in Arabic which is printed and distributed within Syrian free-loaders, some might call them refugees. They are instructed as where to go, what to say to be accepted, etc. cased similar to this was available to asylum seekers in Germany, years ago, my former friend told me)

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