Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Rawson Lake

After the short walk in Ghost Lake area which only helped me to initially get myself familiar with the region for future hikes, I decided to have a hike in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, in southern Kananaskis. I woke up at around 05:30 and headed west on Highway # 1 and then got myself in Highway # 40 and eventually parked at Interlake Day Use Area. I had realized the night before that I did not have any map which could direct me to Three Isle Lake so just simply took a trail and hiked around Upper Kananaskis Lake. There were a few cars parked in the lot but there was nobody around in that time, almost 08:00. 
The mountains around Peter Lougheed Provincial Park are already covered in snow. 
I guess there is a campground there where people spend the night in. I walked around the lake until I reached the other side and then went around and saw a small waterfall which its noise could be heard easily from the other side of the lake. My intention was to go around the lake and get back to the starting point but I saw a guy who was taking photos and he said that he would be going to the nearby Rawson Lake and I decided to simply follow that trail.
It is only 2.7 Km from the waterfall and it has a little steepness. There was a little snow on the ground but it didn't tale long until I find myself at the lake. It is a small one probably the same size of Lillian Lake but surrounded by rocks of Mt. Sarrail.
I saw a couple of female Moose grazing by the parking lot as soon as I pulled in. One of them ran away as I was approaching. This one couldn't resist the pleasant taste of her breakfast and kept chowing!
I didn't spend much time at the lake and headed back after just taking a few pictures but when going down I realized that a few are going up with fishing rods! A little snow started falling but that was nothing. I first wanted to go around the lake and make a whole loop but looking at the map now, I see that would have taken 2 times what it took me to get back to the parking lot. When I got back to the first lot, close to Rowson Lake, I saw it was full and then the same was seen where I had parked. There should be lots of hiking and scrambling opportunities in this park. I'm sure I'll be back. It's just finding the next one for the season. I guess next one would probably be going to Three Isle Lake and could be combined with another hike because it's not very challenging.
(Photo, top: Rowson Lake with the rock-wall of Mt. Sarrail in the back)

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