Friday, September 18, 2015

Bottles and Cans for a Year

There is a big competition in the society between the ones who collect cans and bottles for recycling. The Lady told me once that she heard noise one weekend from the back alley and when went to the balcony saw two men fighting over big bags full of can and bottles. 
Many homeless people do that as their daily routine. As well many low life people do that as their second job, mostly Chinese. It's not much but it's something. 
Based on the fact I decided to do a test. This test was performed from 13-Sep-2014 to 13-Sep-2015 and collected the money that I got from returning recyclables bottles and cans! The items were obtained from different sources. I had to do that because we do not drink much beverages. The sources and their share is approximately according to the following:

  • Family. (40%)
  • Neighbours. (40%)
  • Ourselves. (5%)
  • Workplace. (5%)
  • Found. (%5)
The result was a total of $84.4 only! This of course was not done as a full-time or even part-time job but the poor result shows how lame it is. People wander around for hours and at the end come up with a big back which might brings $10 to their pocket. Some do that for years and those are basically the people who are certain they will have a roof over their head, in the shelter and meal as well. Others do that simply because they are born cheapskates! I knew someone in Cargill Foods whom told me that was the thing he did on weekend on his bicycle alongside fishing! He was from former Yugoslavia, a guerrilla whom even showed me his photos in camouflages with other of his team member while holding weapons. The only surprise here is that I have never seen any East Indian doing that although they are the biggest cheapskates in the world. I guess they look for better sources of income and tax-free!
(Photo: Strange thing happened a few days ago while I was pulling in a spot behind a business. An old Caucasian lady in her probably late 50's and early 60's pull into a handicapped parking spot. She was driving an almost new Hyundai. She got out and went to the adjacent recycling bean which is used by a local cafe and came out with a bottle(!) got in and drove off! Weird! It's obvious that it was a planned trip and she knows where in the city every recycling bean is located. I just wonder what kind of freak does that! There are some weird weird people in this country!)

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