Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Beautiful Accident

I went to The Chef's this past weekend to see him and also cook something together and eat. That was when I realized he's in worse shape than I had thought. Not that's I'm happy about it or I'm in a better shape but he said that he owed some $5000 on one of his credit cards and pays some $100 every months! I always thought he was doing well. He never buys extravagant cloths. Never goes to movies or trips. Has a steady job which doesn't pay him badly. Has two tenants who almost pay his mortgage but I know he drinks a lot and waste too fucking much on food! 
Our plan for the day was to get some lamb which I will have it in another post later but when we came back we cooked some Eggplant Stew which came out excellent by the way and enjoyed it. We had a little rest after eating that with some Whisky he had bought and he wanted to by something from a nearby shop. So we headed out. On 52 St. heading south I realized a congestion and thought something must have happened. When we approached I learnt that I was not wrong. There was an accident and luckily for us a beautiful one! There were police cars and fire engine and pieces of the cars and traffic light were scattered all over 52 St.! A big crowed had been gathered and it was obvious that it had not been long since the occurrence of the accident because police just started to tape the area around the scene after I parked and we got out to see what had happened. 
There were at least 5 firefighters trying to get one of the drivers out. I saw him a young man in a white shirt wearing a chain, one of these fake one that many wear these days and looks like a leash! It was very easy to figure out what had happened and I hope what I'm writing help the police although I believe our police here in Calgary, CPS, have awesome officers who possess every skill to investigate and find out the cause of accidents similar to this and put some preventive actions in to process!
The answer is very easy: The neighbourhood is the home to many refugees who come to this country from lives with no electricity, no education, no fun, no car, no nothing. The kids as soon as they grow up enough and get their driver's license, they buy a used car for $500 and since many of them or their so-called cousins have hands on car, they fix it and start driving up and down the road. What most of them do is they go to Pick N Pull and get pieces for the car and pimp it up! That's the term they use. They then buy a shirt from Value Village or Dollarama  and get a chain from I don't know where and That's all they need to ride their 1996 Honda Civic around the neighbourhood and show off! My guess is one of these millionaire refugee guys with his chain around the neck was speeding when an old car, as seen in the photo, probably an old Chevrolet or Cadillac was trying to turn and they hit it! Boom! 
It was written in a local newspaper that two of them have not improved since the accident day. We'll see whether they survive or not. Of course it was a weekend day and the road was not very busy and they decided to try their refugee Lamborghini-like 1996 Honda Civic (!!) but they forgot that the chain around their neck would not save them and had that accident. CPS please do something. I'm worried about the time that these guys might want to try that out of the Ghetto. That would not be so pleasant, I assume.
(Photo: Firefighters are trying to get one of the guys out of the crippled car. People were standing their with their cellphones in their hands, taking clips of the scene. I decided just to have a picture)

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