Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Hiking in Alice Lake Provincial Park

The Lady was in a very active mode that day and suggested to go for a few hikes. I had been to Alice Lake Provincial Park before but never hiked or did any activity in there. I only had ridden my bicycle from Squamish to there which is not a big deal. We arrived in the park which is located on Highway # 99 just a few minutes after you leave Squamish. Fortunately it was not a crowded day considering it was a weekday. We went to the other side of Alice Lake, the other beach and decided to follow the trails and go to the next lake or maybe lakes. There are a few other lakes in this park but the park is named after the major one. The trail is very easy and not steep but it is beautiful, going through forest of big long trees. I'm not sure what types of tree they are though. 
We followed the trail and after a short walk in the woods reached the first lake and decided to go to the next one, Not knowing exactly how far it was. We should have had a map of the area. I could have taken a photo of map on the sign or printed one from the Internet but since it had not been planned to go to this park, we didn't have it. 
We followed the trail and there was not anyone around. We were going and it was getting darker because the trees were covering the trail and basically we were walking in a dense forest. 
I had not seen this beautiful flowers until I was in Alice Lake Provincial Park. There were a few of them there in white and blue/purple colour. 
The Lady was concerned that we might not be able to make it back to the vehicle before it gets dark and it gets dangerous. I knew both Bears and Cougars frequent the area. We were discussing this when we saw a group of 4 cyclists riding towards us. I immediately learnt from their speaking that the riders, all girls, were French and I hoped they spoke English. I asked them whether we were on the right trail to the lake and one of them said it was only a short walk. We kept going probably for another kilometer or so but there was no sign of the lake. We noticed though that there were people in the distance and as well the trail, or the road, makes a U-Turn and goes down! The Lady suggested to go back because she was, as I said worried about the daylight and she was right. We would have made to the lake but we had to come up the road and continue all the way back to Alice Lake and it took at least 1.5 to 2 hours. 
We turned back and walked towards the parking lot. On the way back we saw the silly fucking French girl who had told us it was only a few minutes of walk! She probably had thought that we would walk as fast as she riding her bicycle! We reached the parking lot just on time, grabbed our vehicle and drove back down Highway # 99.
(Photo: A beautiful stream in Alice Lake Provincial Park near Squamish)

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