Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park was the last place I visited during my recent trip to Lower Mainland. I knew there was a nice place in West Vancouver but never had the chance to go there in those years I lived there. West Vancouver is a nice neighbourhood or district itself. A city with multi-million dollar houses, nice gardens and beautiful shops. I haven't been to many places in West Vancouver but Park Royal, Ambelside Park and an East Indian restaurant which I didn't see it this time, called Handi. We dined there once with The Chef
Anyways we headed that way the day I was going to drive back to Alberta. I took Marine Drive and headed west but eventually after driving through narrow roads we ended up in Horseshoe Bay! We then turned back and this time I used the GPS and it appeared that we had missed the street which would go to the park. Lighthouse Park is a fairly big park and has several trails but due to lack of time we only took one and went to the end which although was steep, it was short. 
A few scenes from there reminded me of our Newfoundland trip but unlike over there it was a cloudy and gloomy day. We didn't spend much time there and didn't even go to the lighthouse itself. We decided to leave since I had to drive all the way back to Calgary
(Photo: Here I'm looking northwest from a viewpoint in Lighthouse Park. This is the end of the trail that is at your right side when you park in the main lot)

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