Monday, June 06, 2016

A Good Phone Interview

I had a telephone interview with two fellas down in the US just the morning after I returned to Alberta. I arrived home at 03:30 and then woke up at about 08:00 to get ready for the interview which was a second step to another phone interview I had with a lady in regards to a position in Alberta. The person introduced himself as someone who had been with the company for 16 years. The other one had a similar introduction but don't remember much about him. 
They asked good questions and I think I answered them mostly with good responses. They didn't ask anything about the technical features of the product they make such as how much do I know about that. They also never mentioned anything about the software that the HR lady had asked about in her initial e-mails. I have very limited knowledge about both but I had made myself somehow to give a satisfactory answer. 
The interview took around 50 min. and at the end they had someone on the line whom was waiting for his or her turn. I could her them talking and I even could stay on the line, not sure whether they would have noticed or not because it was a telephone conference but I hung up! So what are my chances here? I don't know but it will make a very good career. It's salary is OK. It's a well-known company and it's out of Calgary. Everything sounds pleasing but I have to wait. They said they would decide by the end of this week. 

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