Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Damn F**ing Hypocrites

These people in West, mostly American and the British and as well Canadians are mostly hypocrites. Here's one example: I was in a local supermarket, I guess it was a Co-op when I was this chicken with a label on it reading: Certified Humane. Raised and Handled.
There's this new concern within the people of Canada about the meat they eat. They wonder whether the animal is treated fairly before it is killed and at the same time it is slaughtered. They expect the farmers treat their product like, maybe human beings! I don't know.
I personally don't think that even humans are being treated fairly here in this society or almost anywhere else for that matter but now you have let Muslims in and you let them whatever they want to do. Do you know who they kill animals? Do you have slightest idea that here under your noses Muslims put a very sharp knife to a chicken's, sheep's or cow's throat and slit it?! The blood splashes everywhere and they let the animal suffer because in this way, I quote, they believe the animal's meat is blessed and potable! I'm sure you didn't have an idea. Go watch Not Without My Daughter and there's a scene in the movie about this although there are many untrue parts. This movie is banned in the country which it is targeting but an audience thinks if that's what they do to animal, if that's how a man treats his wife, then the rest must be true as well. 
Nevertheless I guess you need to get a f**ing life. Instead of being sensitive toward small things like this look at the big picture and look from outside of the circle. You have destroyed the entire planet by cutting millions of trees here in Canada only and turning them to houses which are easily destroyed!! You create millions of tons of garbage every day in Canada by using plastic bags and all other non-recyclable packaging! Now you're concerned about chickens!!? You are emitting billions of tons of green house gases to the atmosphere every day by encouraging people to by big SUVs, trucks and other vehicles instead of providing a reliable, fast and affordable public transportation system! I can go on and on. 
(Photo: This is the packaged chicken I saw in a supermarket. The label indicate that this chicken was treated well before it became a ready-to-cook packaged meat!)


Anonymous said...

"...but now you have to let Muslims in and you let them whatever they want to do."
This was incredibly offensive

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