Thursday, June 09, 2016

Dangerous Drive Back to Alberta

I drove to Coquitlam to go to Highway # 1 and return to Alberta but due to closure of Patullo Bridge and me not knowing how to cross Fraser River and the GPS not being updated I guess I wasted some time because I went to Golden Ears Bridge first and then to Highway # 1! Despite this waste of time everything was going OK until I again reached a point when I had to make this decision as whether to continue on Highway # 1 or take Coquihalla Highway. The GPS directed me to the latter like the time I was going to Lower Mainland and this time I followed it and I don't regret that because it is a nice road that I had not been to earlier. 
The travel went well but soon it became dark and by the time I reached Golden it was dark out and I realized I might need some gasoline and all of the station were shut down but Husky. I purchased some gasoline from them and headed east. 
Yak Peak can be easily seen form Coquihalla Highway after a few minutes of drive from Hope. A perfect hiking trip could be planned for this mountain obviously approaching from the ridges and back
I was so tired that I fell sleep behind the wheel a few times and I was lucky that I woke up somehow, otherwise I would not have been here to write these lines! Even McDonald's in Golden was closed and I wasn't able to get a coffee to help me not to sleep. Earlier I checked McDonald's in Revelstoke and even they were closed! My mistake was not only that I had started late and stopped for photographs and breaks very often but also not getting any coffee from any other establishment in one of these towns! I was cursing at myself as why I started so late! I could have stayed in one of the towns on the way but one reason that I wanted to be home the next morning was the interview which had been set up for me. I wanted to be home and have my resume opened in front of me on the screen in case the ask something that I don't remember. I reached home at 03:30 and woke up at 08:00 and attended the phone interview without having an issue and needing the resume but that was the risk I didn't want to take at the time. This was not the first time I was driving back to Calgary from Lower Mainland but this time, specifically, I started very late and that, I repeat, became the problem. Next time I'm going on Highway # 1 to get to British Columbia or to go back to Alberta, I make sure either I start early or sleep on day on the way. 
(Photo: An avalanche tunnel or snow shed in Coquihalla Highway. This road is also called Highway # 5 and connects Hope to Merritt. Coquihalla in the local native language means Stingy Container!! There must be quite a story behind this naming) 

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