Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Temporary Job

With the economy being f**ed up and not many jobs available, people, including me, these day try to hang on whatever they find. The Hope is back to the country and he told me about this safety related job that one of his friends has recently gotten. I went to the website and filled out an online application form. A person from the company called me shortly after the application was submitted and invited me to an information session. 
So I woke up with lots of hope in the morning and drove to a small town near the city. There were as many as maybe 20 people there, mostly Caucasians, an Aboriginal fat girl, a Black guy, who later we realized how dumb he was through the stupid question he asked(!), a couple of stinking East Indians, maybe three because there was a third one who were whispering with them, a few Caucasian girls including one with a tattoo on her back above ass which I saw when she bent over when sitting in the front row! 
The instructor showed a video clip first and said a few things about the job. It turns out to be the project that I used to work on before I got kicked out! K. M. A., the asshole from the engineering school days, work on that project as well but from the client side and he had told me that the project would end in July. So it appears that these guys were looking for a few people to take care of safety things in the last month of the project! I always wanted to see the project with my supervisor, the asshole jerk, not letting me go there and found that it was a good opportunity. 
He continued the session with a few questions from people. There were two disgusting East Indians in the front rows that started with: I'm an engineer and shit like that but he shut them up by saying that he was an engineer too and had been with the company since 1987! Disgusting! These East Indians here in the country, majority of them that I've seen, 99% I'd say, they just want to show off! Coming from a country which there's no clean running water, no 24 hour electricity and other infrastructure, these stinking pieces of shit, think being an engineer is a fucking big deal!
Anyways the guy, the instructor, explained a little bit more about the project and the job and indicated that if there was anyone who was afraid of height, anyone with blood pressure problem, hearing and vision aid and a few other health problems, he or she might reconsider joining. He also added that the job had been defined for a period of 5 weeks only without any chance of coming back to the city! The wage for this job is $15 per hour, he said. I looked at the form that they had given me and I realized that there were a few certificates that they required and I don't have. I also realized that looking at the date that the he had given as the starting day for training, I might not have enough time to register and pass the courses they wanted but stayed in the room. When his explanation was finished, a number of fellas left, clearly due to the issues they had. I thought to myself that if I successfully pass the certificates, training and medical examinations and start the job, how would that impact my EI? I guess it would be discontinued after I notify them that I got a job and what the hell would I do after 5 weeks
I went home and my decision was to decline the job. I checked my e-mail then and realized that I had been been selected to send my documents for a job that I had applied. According to the e-mail, a possible interview would be set up for Jul-18 which is the day that I would be at the site, if I was accepted. The job, with a provincial government in the country, is a part-time or on call but the wage is not bad it's a provincial government job which could be helpful with any further job later, although nothing is clear now. In the meantime when I called The Hope, he indicated that he thinks or his buddy who does this job now thinks that having the job, would not affect IE. I think I've made my decision. 

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