Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vulnerable Sector Check

I was rejected by a provincial government, late last month after a motherfucker who had been introduced as my reference provided bad feedback although I passed the interview which always seems to be the hardest part. This in fact was a lesson for me as not to give out every piece of shit's name as my reference, particularly when a permanent job by a government is applied, 
Government jobs are hard to get but once you're in, if you use your head and focus on your job, you'll be set for your life. That's what my buddy A. F. and his wife did. Both work for governments in different levels. Anyways I received a letter in regards to my Vulnerable Sector Check request a few days ago asking me to go to a CPS office after making an appointment. 
I went there this morning. The building seems to be one of the main buildings of CPS or maybe their headquarters now (Used to be in 5th Ave. or still perhaps is), used to be Nortel Networks Co. when I first came to Canada, I remember. The company tanked a few years ago, I heard that on TV and I guess CPS took over when the population of the City grew and they aimed to recruit more officers. In fact I saw a number of cadets when I was entering the building in the morning. I could be a police officer myself now but when I handed my application back in 2010, they failed me in the interview. 
Anyways there is no public parking in this place, I thought because when I approached from 50th Ave. I saw a sign indicating that but when I was leaving, I saw people are parking from a parking lot to the building. So I might have missed that somehow. 
I didn't have to spend much time in there. Their service is very organized and prompt. Basically for the jobs that you work with vulnerable people, you need a Vulnerable Sector Check. Apparently and I was sure of that, CPS has no problem with me but I was fingerprinted and that would be sent to Ottawa to check my status. According to an old lady who was doing this job, there's a registered sex offender whose his birthday is same as mine! They need to make sure that it is me! 
Today's technology has even provided this opportunity for the people to be fingerprinted without having ink on their fingers! There's a machine which basically works similar to a scanner, maybe with a little more sensitivity to moisture and temperature. They charged me $25 for that while I have already paid $30! I don't know why I was doing that because the job is gone but when I checked my e-mail half and hour after that I realized that I was invited for a similar job but in a different location! Although the fate of this new opportunity is not known but I think now that I can have this result available hopefully just a few days or maybe even before they request that, if I pass other stages. 
(Photos: Water fountains and pool in front of CPS building in NE Calgary where Nortel Network Co. headquarters used to be a few years ago)

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