Sunday, June 05, 2016

Hike to Garibaldi Lake (and The Black Tusk)

I decided to have a hike in B. C. after the disappointing damn stupid examination that I wrote for the Federal Government job and they turned me down. So I set the clock for 06:30 while I was in Surrey with the aim to go to Squamish! I know it sounds lame but I was too tired to set it for an earlier time. So I woke up and by the time I checked out of the hotel and got out it was almost 07:05.
I headed east and drove towards Port Mann Bridge due to the closure of Patullo Bridge. As soon as I found myself on the bridge I saw an accident which at least 5 cars were involved in it! One of them were laying on its side and I'm not sure whether it was that or another one that its horn was honking. I continued because fortunately they had not blocked all of the lanes. It was obviously a fresh accident because I saw people running here and there.  I continued toward west and got on Highway # 99. By the time I reached Squamish Adventure Center it was 08:55! I wanted to double check my information with them about The Black Tusk. There was a guy there who said that I should not consider a hike in the area due to the amount of snow on the ground. I told him that I have equipment such as spikes and gaiter but to him there were not enough. I eventually decided to see how far up I would be able to go. So I got back on Highway # 99 and drove to the parking lot designated for Garibaldi Lake and The Black Tusk. It was almost 09:50 when I started a hike and there were a few other small groups who also started at the same time within a few minutes of difference. 
The trail is well-maintained and marked. There are even milestones every 1 Km or sometimes every 2 Km but the trail is mostly uphill. I caught up with a few small groups but I don't remember how long it took me to get to the lake, maybe around 2 hours. The lake was partially frozen and seeing many lakes in Canada that didn't impress me much. 
I decided to go higher to see how close I would get to The Black Tusk. So I headed up the trail after taking a few photos. 
The Black Tusk from the meadows after almost half an hour hike up Garibaldi Lake. This is almost where I stopped my hike
The trail after the lake was quite similar to the rest of the trail until I reached a meadows which was covered in snow. The snow was deep and in process of melting. I saw footsteps and followed them but I was not sure whether they were from days before or the same day. The snow was becoming softer and I was slipping and going through the melted snow. My hiking boot were socked because they are pieces of shit but I put the spikes on and they were very helpful. I guess I went up until it was around 13:30 or so. I basically was on the trail for 3 hours considering the breaks I had for photography or water. I got water from the stream around the trail. I then decided to go back down because I knew would get stuck in the snow further up and having socked socks and boots would not be very pleasant.
The hike back down to the parking lot was very easy. I encountered a few groups. Many people go to Garibaldi Park area for camping but I hate to sleep in tents and where people drink alcohol, smoke weed and laugh loudly until 02:00! My original guess was that I would reach back to the car by 16:00 but I guess it was even passed 16:30 when I reached there. I didn't even change my boots. I drove back to North Vancouver to check in the motel I had gotten the night before, Grouse Inn. I had read earlier that The Black Tusk should be done in July or after because of the amount of snow the area get but since I was there I wanted to get a little active and try the first hike in the area. I also knew that only the hard part, if there was no snow, would be the chimney or the summit block. I guess I would give it a try next time I'm in British Columbia
(Photo: Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park near Squamish. I had been to this park in 2007 or 2008. I rode my bicycle from Squamish to the south side of the park but bicycles are not allowed on this trail)

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