Thursday, June 23, 2016

Amazing Determination

I didn't watch the NBA Finals this year. I like watching what I like on a big screen and in a quiet environment, not where people yell and cheer unless it's an arena or wherever the game is played. I didn't have the chance to either go to Oakland or Cleveland. I just followed the results through the web. This is not a news-site but sometimes I like to write about the things I like and they teach me lessons. What LeBron James has done is by all means amazing and magnificent.  
He first started his career with Cleveland, the city which is about 50 minutes from his birthplace. After a few disappointing years he decided to leave the club. He joined his buddy Wade in Miami where the due worked together with Bosh and won 2 NBA championship titles in the total 4 years they played there. LeBron's departure from Cleveland at time caused a public outrage! Fans wrote banners and burnt his jersey! Crazy! Simply crazy! I don't remember ever any player had been treated like that! I bet there has been other players who left their team at their prime in the history of NBA. That is their choice and the club's decision. I guess people of Cleveland and generally his fans in the states had so much hope in hope to bring them the cup. So when he lost to the Spurs in his last year with Miami he decided to go back and bring the people's dream to reality. 
This year he finally proved that he keeps his promise. After falling 1-3 to the Warriors, I personally saw no chance for the Cavaliers. It reminded me of the loss of Miami 2 seasons ago. They never were able to get themselves together and they lost. This year was different. The comeback was strong and shocking and they beat the so-proud Warriors in Oakland in game 7. Amazing and incredible! 
(Photo: It is estimated that nearly 1 million took part in Cleveland Cavalier's championship parade in Cleveland, Ohio)

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