Thursday, September 01, 2016

Job Reference in Canada

When you apply for a government job in Canada, and at times other jobs as well, they require reference. It looks like they are very serious about it because I just lost one job because of an asshole who apparently gave a bad reference about me, the disgusting, repulsive supervisor at the previous job, the Screamer! If you at least say that you would not be a reference, I'll be OK with that. At least it shows that you're not as big as a jerk as someone who agrees to be a references and screws you up! I had problem with references before. The Microbe, the guy that I was a roommate with for a little than a year declined being my reference stating that he did not know me! Fuck you piece of shit! You were the one who came and asked me to join you in your rented townhouse because, according to you, which is a lie by the way, you were not in a very good financial situation! I then trusted you asshole and you acted like a complete jerk in a way that the landlord decided not to renew your lease and that affected me too. I had to find a new place! 
This time it was a little better but still there were disgusting, selfish assholes who acted like a complete motherfuckers and refused to be my reference. Obviously these people have personal issues, otherwise why would they do that? What have I ever done to the disgusting lazy fuck, landlord? I always have been polite and I great as soon as I see anyone from the building. I've always been on time with my rent. You never even hear a peep from our unit. I never litter. What the hell else do you want me to do, you fucking disgusting fat-fuck? 
The other one was another disgusting, selfish asshole, who probably thinks because she had a fucking Ph. D., she's so much better than anyone else and her time is so valuable that she can not talk on the phone for 10 min.! I then acted like her and asked her to remove me from the list of volunteers! This disgusting self-centered pretentious with so many titles she puts after her name when she e-mails you interviewed me and then asked me, and others to attend two 2-hour training session that I was supposed to be a volunteering. I went there and It was mostly a waste of time but I had no chance. All she saying basically implied how pathetic they are to attract more people to their organizations so they can make more money! One session even took half and hour longer and then she said she still had to get approval of the management team for us!! Couldn't you fucking get the approval before the training? This is a volunteer work. People leave everything from work, family and pleasure to do this and you want them to attend and then approve them. What the hell was that interview for? If the interview is important then it must either takes place at the presence of the management team or you, as the interviewer should be able to make the final decision. 
The other people acted like a human being and now I hope this reference check has a positive affect on my profile and pushes me through. 

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