Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A New Hope, finally!

I received an e-mail from CAF finally before Christmas asking me to sign an Enlorment Offer. I was a bit surprised as I expected that to be happening in Jan. or Feb. if happens at all! Was I happy or am I happy now?! I got excited just a little bit but that was not much knowing that Basic Officer Qualification Test is very hard! I was training for a number of month and just a few days after I received the offer, signed it and was accepted by CAF, my Gout problem started again and had not been gone completely so far! Exactly when I needed to continue my exercises to be able to beat that test, this happens! The Captain during the interview told me that if I failed that test, I would be given 90 days to practice and give it another shot but I don't want to be humiliated in front of everyone! There are lots to do before I can be sent to the garrison and fortunately there's enough time to get ready. I only have to recover from this damn Gout Flare as the physician called it when I went to a local clinic in Boxing Day
So it's a hope and unlike what Gorge in Seinfeld says(!) I want hope! I need hope. I have two other jobs still lined up for me, one with the Government of British Columbia and one with the Government of Alberta.  They will definitely notify me of the result in January but I will go to the CAF job of course. I only need to recover from this damn attack! 
But why did I chose this title for my post? It is true that it is finally a new hope for me but at the same time yesterday one of the stars of A New Hope, Carrie Fisher died. She was not very old, only 60! As this weblog is not a news-blog and everyone who is interested in the late actress can simply learn everything about her by a little search online (or in the bookshops as she was apparently a best-seller author) I limit the post about her here by adding that A New Hope has always been my favorite Star Wars movie. I never had the chance to see the movie in theater like many Star Wars fans as I was a little kid in those days but read the original book and watched the movie a few times and enjoyed it. I also saw Fisher once in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. She appeared briefly, probably for about 15 sec. and had a line. Unbelievable to see she's gone so soon and so young.
(Photo: Four of the main characters of the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope. Needless to say who's who. Everyone knows them!)

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